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Hi, We're Aulle!

At Aulle, design truly comes first. We help companies create and revive amazing products and services that captivate, inspire, and engage from day one.

"A user interface is the collective visual, audible, or haptic arrangement that allows people to use an application." - John Angelo

The studio specializes in UX research, strategy, interaction, visual design, and development to create user interfaces that delight, excite, and deliver the business objectives you desire.

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Our Process

UX Planning
1. Grasp vision and define/collect requirements
2. Define/prioritize tasks then plan sprints
UX Research & Strategy
3. Perform UI competitive analysis
4. Create personas and write use cases
5. Administer user research method
Information Architecture
6. Establish taxonomy and terminology
7. Map out the navigation/content model
Interaction Design
8. Brainstorm and conceptualize
9. Sketch the interaction model (or storyboard)
10. Design wireframes and validate
Visual Design
11. Choose design style and define heuristics
12. Brainstorm and conceptualize
13. Design mockups and validate
Collaborative UX Team Phase
14. Create interactive prototype (if needed)
15. Administer usability testing
16. Assemble design presentation
Front-end Development
17. Present design then set game plan
18. Pixel perfect and export
19. Create a component library
20. Create a style guide and specs
21. Work closely with developers
22. Review and validate build
UX Maintenance
23. Gain feedback and observe UAT
24. Administer post tests and post ROI
25. Keep improving

Process created by founder John Angelo and published in his UI Book - Read Detailed Process

What We Do

We specialize in end-to-end UX/UI engineering of apps and websites which includes:

UX Research, Strategy & Information Architecture

We study your users, come up with the best plan for reaching them, and organize the content of your app/site to make it easier for them to discover, understand, and feel great about it.

Interaction & Visual Design

We sketch, storyboard, wireframe, mockup, illustrate, and prototype how your app/site works as it's used and how it visually stimulates the user to create the best experience possible.

Front-End Development

We bring the vision and design to life by writing the well-structure and highly optimized code that launches the concept into user-facing reality.

Our Leads

Super Power: UX (Strategy, Interaction, Visual, Engineering)
Life Mantra: Making computing a more enjoyable process.

Fun Fact: Is a part-time cultural anthropologist and competitive archer. Speaks 5 languages. Has eidetic memory. Uses far too many metaphors and analogies.
Azusa Eto
Super Power: Front-end & Back-end Development
Life Mantra: Writing mind-bending altering applications that change lives

Fun Fact: Is developing a math theorem (yikes). Mistook John Angelo for a celebrity entertainer when they met in Japan.
Alessandro Rossi
Super Power: UX (Research, Information Architecture)
Life Mantra: Determining how to fully utilize the brain and adjusting to a life without siestas

Fun Fact: Is also a part-time cultural anthropologist. Can name every anatomical part of the human brain. Only sleeps in 2-3 hour naps.
Monica Vana
Super Power: Business Development, Product Management
Life Mantra: Creating notable products and getting things done in a timely manner

Fun Fact: Is obsessed with miniature mammals. Avoids social networks... even Cultara. Met John Angelo in Mensa but neither will admit it.

Our Guarantee

Aulle Design

We pride ourselves in putting concentrated effort into understanding your vision and understanding your target users. We leverage that data to create intuitive experiences that meet both needs while delighting users with its interaction and visual intrigue.

Aulle Support

One of Aulle's cornerstones is it's brilliant outpour of excellent customer service backed by a stunning support team. Aulle team members display warm, friendly customer service and are helpful and willing to go the extra mile to appease the needs of our clients.

Aulle Pricing

One of our missions at Aulle Media is to deliver what we call, "The Happy Invoice". Aulle's founder believes strongly in setting Aulle prices to the fairest amongst quality agencies, despite our design quality and ingenuity exceeding our competitors.

Aulle University

Our faculty of industry-active researchers, designers, and developers have a rigorously researched and applied curriculum of courses, lectures, and workshops geared towards helping train companies and teams in the principles of user experience. We do on-site training via our primary courses listed below in addition to custom courses tailored to help meet your specific UX mission:

  • Essentials of UX Design
  • Efficient & Effective UX Research
  • Turning UX Research Into Strategy
  • Leveraging Information Architecture in UX
  • UX Principles of Interaction Design
  • UX Principles of Visual Design
  • Measuring UX Performance For Success
  • Turning UX Designers into Product Designers
  • CSS & Layout Coding - The Forgotten Expertise
  • Establishing Corporate Design Culture
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